” Ltd.

“Adactaengineering” Ltd. is a privately held Bulgarian company. It was created in 1994 and is located on 24 Kamen Andreev street, 3rd floor, Sofia.It specializes in providing individually targeted VALUE ENGINEERING services.

With its separate divisions the company offers unparalleled value added services in the following distinct areas:

  1. Research and design
    This team of designers includes specialists from all departments and uses the following standards: Bulgarian Code of Practice, GOST (Russian Standard), BS (British Standard), DIN (German Standard), UNI (Italian Standard) and ASTM (American Standard).
    The designing work is fully computerized – a variety of software applications is used in the day to day work (AutoCAD, bocad, ArchiCAD, SAP 2000).

  2. Construction and erection services
    The company specializes in mending constructions – setting up of steel and prefabricated reinforced concrete, roofing, cladding, assembling and finishing works.
    The company's machinery includes a variety of both heavy and individually specialized devices for erection works. “Adactaengineering” also offers transportation equipment.

  3. Manufacturing of building materials and components
    "Adactaengineering" Ltd. is also involved in the manufacturing of structural steel and building components. The company has the technological capacity to produce 1,000 tons of structural steel per year.
    One of the company’s facilities is located in Gara Yana (18 km. from Sofia) and features 2,000 m2 of covered production space, while another is based in the city of Pleven, situated on a area of 45,000m2 with 12,000m2  covered space (warehouses and production).

  4. Supply of construction materials - The company is a representative of or works closely with the following manufacturers:
    • “Metecno” S.P.A. – Polyurethane and mineral-wool wall and roofing panels, corrugated steel sheets, finishing work and accessories. 
    • “C.B.I. Europe S.P.S. – Suspended ceilings (mineral wool and metal) partitions, raised floors.
    • “Polyu S.R.L. – Polycarbonate surface , panels, “smoke – out” and “sky light” domes and mending modules.

The area of operations includes, but is not limited to the following markets: Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Moldovan and Romanian.

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